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Standard Body Specification : Triple Offset Butterfly Style
standard specification
Size 3” to 44” (DN80--1100)
Rating ANSI 150LBS to 1500LBS
Leakage ANSI FCI 70-2
Standard : Class(Metal Seat)Ⅴ
Option : Class Ⅵ
Cv Range 130 to 80,000
Press. Range Up to 3,700 psi (g)
Up to 260 Kg/cm²
Temp. Range -150℉ to +1,050℉
-100℃ to +565℃
Option : -320℉ to +1,562℉
-196℃ to +850℃
Materials Carbon steel(WCB,WCC),
Stainless steel(CF8,CF8M,CF3,CF3M)
other alloys
End Connections Wafer Flange less,
Lugged, Double Flange
Actuators Spring-diaphragm, Cylinder, Motor,
Applications Oil and Gas Storage, Transportation, Gathering Systems
LPG and LNG Production, Storage, Transportation
Petrochemical Industry
Refining Industry
Power Generation
Pulp and Paper Industry

No - Friction
The triple offset eliminates all friction throughout the operating cycle.
And a vastly extended valve life.
No - Over travel
The triple offset is the geometry design of the angle cone disc sealing components.
Contact is only made at the final point of closure with the 90 degrees
acting as a mechanical stop : resulting in over travel of the disc set.
Wide range
Non-galling design enable a wide variety of meterials options and wide
range of applcations from the low to high temperature & pressure.
Zero - Leakage
Metal to metal sealing allowing for higher pressure and temperature applications
whilst still providing tight shut off.
Ease - Maintenance
Field replaceable seat and seal ring reduces maintenance costs.

Single Offset - 1st offset
To allow displacement of the seat the shaft is offset from the center line of
the seat and body seal.
Double Offset - 2nd offset
The center line of the bore.
This creates a cam action during operation to lift the seat out of the seal resulting in
friction during the first 10 degrees of opening and final 10 degrees of closing.
Triple Offset - 3rd offset
The third offset is the geometry design of the sealing components
not the shaft position.
The sealing components are each machined into an offset conical profile
resulting in a right angled cone(see Fig 1-3rd).