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Standard Body Specification : Trunnion Mounted 3-Piece & top entry style
standard specification
Size 1" to 24"(DN25 … DN600)
Rating ANSI 150LBS to 2500LBS, JIS 10K to 63K, PN10 to PN450
Leakage ANSI FCI 70-2, Standard : Class Ⅳ, Option : Class Ⅴ
Cv Range 55 to 113,400
Press. Range Up to 6,167 psi (g)
Up to 434 Kg/cm²
Temp. Range -150℉ to +1,050℉
-100℃ to +565℃
Option : -320℉ to +1,562℉
-196℃ to +850℃
Materials Carbon steel(WCB,WCC),
Stainless steel(CF8,CF8M,CF3,CF3M)
Chrome-moly(WC6,WC9,C12A), other alloys
End Connections NPT(BSFF), RF/FF/RTJ Flanged, Socket weld, Butt weld
Actuators Spring-diaphragm, Cylinder, Electro-Hydraulic
Applications On/Off Shore Oil and Gas Production
Subsea Oil and Gas Production
Oil and Gas Storage, Transportation, Gathering Systems
Gas Re-injection Plants, Treatment Plants
LPG and LNG Production, Storage, Transportation
Petrochemical Industry
Metering Systems
Refining Industry
Power Generation
Pulp and Paper Industry

Unicon Trunnion - Mounted
Trunnion-Mounted Ball
- The ball is fixed and the seat rings are floating, free to move along the valve axis.
- Side load generated by the pressure acting on the ball is absorbed by bearings.
- At low pressure the seat sealing action is achieved by the thrust of the springs acting on the seat rings
- As the pressure increases the fluid pressure pushes the seat rings against the ball.
Independent Ball And Stem
- The ball and stem are independent to minimize the effect of the side thrust generated by the pressure acting on the ball.
Anti - Static Design
- The electrical conductance continuity between all the metallic components is guaranteed and certified.
Low Emission Valves
- Accurate machining of stem and bonnet sealing surfaces ensures compliance with the most severe pollution control regulations.
- Special “live” seals are available on request.
Floating Self - Relieving Seat Rings
- Two independent floating seat rings assure the bi-directional tightness of the valve.
- The seats are carefully designed to minimize the torque required to operate the valves without losing sealing power,
which is assured from zero differential pressure to the valve’s maximum rated pressure.
- Self-relieving seats are supplied as a standard feature. Double piston or combination seats (self-relieving/upstream, double piston/downstream) can be supplied on request.